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The Mechanics of Creativity

The Mechanics of Creativity

The creativity framework reveals the mechanics of creativity that underly the many creativity exercises, self-help books, maker workshops, brainstorming sessions and mind-map tools.

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About Inventor Dan Zen

About Inventor Dan Zen

Dan Zen is an award-winning inventor. Please visit the Dan Zen Museum for tours of his many creations. He now uses the Framework to be able to create anything he wishes at any time. "You too can reach this enlightened state!" says the Canadian New Media Awards Educator of the Year.
"There isn't any aspect of creativity Dan Zen hasn't explored."

"Uncanny ability to elaborate on the spectrum of life."

"Reverberates with creativity and brilliance - no doubt, Dan Zen is a genius."

"Outside convention and subsequently teaches us how to see with new eyes."

"Love his creativity - a wonderful soul brewing with vivacity in his laboratory."

"The most unique and creative person I have ever met."

"Something new and radical, but still familiar enough so people can relate."

"A special shiny thread in the fabric of this existence."

"An amazing layered mind."

"By and large the most audacious artist I have met."

"A creation factory akin to the likes of Andy Warhol."

"I'd put Dan Zen on the team to save our world."

"A cerebral cosmonaut transcending the neural narrative of now."

"Insatiable curiosity and generosity of spirit."

"At the forefront of experimental experiences - a leader and mentor."

"A creative genius."

"Dan Zen is a sentinel master who re-wires the world."

"Incredibly authentic."

"On a mission to help everyone become a creator."

"The most creative professional I know."

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"Bursting with life, passion, and creativity."

"Fueled by innovation, beauty and intrigue."

"A creative genius, a perfect combination of original idea and scientific mind."

"A multifaceted, creative being with many incarnations."

"No limits to his imagination or talent."

"A brilliant combination of arts in motion with technology."

"Wild and eccentric - a pioneer of the creative process."

"The most original and creative of Inventors."

"Engages and inspires using his zany off-beat personality."

"First one to catch the wave."

"My favourite Hamilton artist of all time... truly an anomaly of authenticity."

"A hyper cool hipster - his whole personal being is art."

"An Inventor uniquely creative in his trade."

"A genius balance of imagination, creativity and eccentricity."

"A passion for creating."

"An inspirational conversationalist who leaves deep footprints in our lives."

"Quite a bright young man."

"Creative genius - magic and wonder abounds."

"Hands on approach to his theory of Nodism - I always learn something new."

"A great inventor whose creativity and talent has proven to be boundless."

"Impressive number of inventions - as if made on perpetual drive."

"A one-of-a-kind vibe."

"A brilliant way of looking at the world and engaging minds."

"An inquisitive mind with the added ability to teach."

"Always delighted by the expansion I feel when I engage in Dan Zen's ideas."

"Blows my mind."

"Digital Creation Fringe Technartiste Inspiration."

"One of the most creative (and zaniest) people I have met."

"Stretches your imagination to a new level."

"A walking box of wonders with unabashed joy in sharing."

"Uncanny savvy for engineering and experimentation."

"The most engaging and inspiring technical lectures on creativity - truly a pioneer."

"The Andy Warhol of Hamilton."

"Thanks for all the great wonder and ingenuity you bring to the world."

"Encourages remarkable work."

"Brilliantly pushing the envelope to the unknown."

"Inspired me to never stop learning, growing, and making a positive difference."

"Unquestionably a gifted thinker with delight in encouraging others to be creative."

"Both a thinker and a doer - left and right brained."

"The most creative, enthusiastic and imaginative person I have come across."

"An eccentric beacon - an odd genius with a mind that expands beyond the norm."

"Spontaneous ingenuity."

"Dan Zen stands out amongst the heavy-weights in the creative scene."

"Presents his vision for creative activities in a unique and accessible manner."

"Empowers creation with flare."

"A Renaissance man, a modern day Inventor, and a perpetual futurist."

"Able to think in an limitless way."

"An irreplaceable teacher for out of the box thinking."

"Leads others to creative thinking."

"Highly recommend Dan Zen to expand your mind to its creative potential."

"By far the most creatively unique person I have met."

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Create Like Magic

Reviews for Framework

"I've always maintained that creativity is the act of connecting things in unexpected ways, and looked for tools that assist in strengthening creative abilities. The Creativity Framework by Dan Zen helps you break down (analyze) or build up (synthesize) the creative process, providing perspective, definition and clarity. Assimilating Zen’s thoughts about content and context will permanently alter your perspective on creativity."
Jason Theodor - has devoted his adult life to understanding the nature of creativity

Create Like Magic

People think creativity is magical (and it is) but like any magic trick, there is an explanation. The creativity framework clearly shows the steps to create like magic!

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